When Luciano Maciel da Costa took over the management of Avianense, in 2005, the factory moved to a new address: Durrães (Barcelos). In this renovated building, the famous 'Bombom Avianense', made with dark chocolate, starts to be produced - being a highlight of the brand since 2008. Luciano Costa's acquisition of the brand initially reiterated a merely strategic interest, but the brand's formidable collection stimulated the implementation of other projects aimed at sharing the history and path of the brand with the public. Thus emerged the idea of opening a museum in 2016, where it is now possible to learn about the factory's entire work process, from the machines in full operation to personalized handling. The museum tour also includes a visit to the auditorium, where a film is projected that includes testimonials of former workers of this industry, as well as the history of Avianense. It is a chronological journey that describes not only the evolution of the company, but also of the industry itself in Portugal. Currently, it is possible to find Avianense products on sale at the brand's manufacturing facilities and in various selected points of sale, from hypermarkets to local stores, from the north to the south of the country.

Children up to 12 years old: 4€
Adults: 6€

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