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About Avianense

A centennial history of an unparalleled flavor.

Avianense is one of the oldest Portuguese companies working continuously in the production of chocolates, presenting itself as a reference in the national and international market. Founded in 1914, initially in Viana do Castelo, the history of Avianense tells us a path of success that goes beyond the universe of chocolate. Today, it is a delicious world of possibilities, where several desires to innovate are awakened, with tradition serving as a starting point.

Our History


Avianense was founded in 1914 by two partners, António Lima and João Felgueiras, who had a common dream: to create a chocolate factory. Viana do Castelo saw the birth of a small company in a building of which only the façade remains today, but where the chocolate production used to take place. Daily production reached 30 kilos of chocolate and the brand already had a dozen different products.


After a period of great political instability that reflected on the economy of several national companies, Avianense's success remained solid, opening doors to a new branch: coffee roasting. With the growth of the brand, it was necessary to expand the facilities of the factory - which at this time worked twenty-four hours a day.


The brand's commercial table is updated and Avianense adds new products to its portfolio: Tablets, Landim, Fim d'Ano, Lembrança de Viana, Leões, Pastas, João Ratão and Comemorativo.


In order to facilitate the distribution of the products in the domestic market, warehouses are opened in Porto and Coimbra. Within four years, the brand announced the launch of new products, such as violas, bottles and the iconic Emperor chocolates.


Avianense put on sale drawings of colored balls in "little boxes" with small holes, a milestone in the history of the brand. Later on, the famous large-format calendars advertising Avianense's products also appear.


The founder of Avianense, António José Rodrigues Lima passes away, leaving a huge legacy of mastery and innovation.


In 2005, COLUSALI, Sociedade de Investimentos Imobiliários, SA, transfers the Avianense brand to Luciano Costa, Lda, who subsequently registers the brand with the Industrial Property Institute, on 23 June.


The famous Bombom Avianense, made with dark chocolate, begins to be produced and has been one of the brand's highlights ever since.


Avianense is the oldest Portuguese chocolate factory still in full activity. In 2014, the brand marked its centennial with the issue of a commemorative postcard and stamp. In connection with this milestone, the Portuguese Post Office also issued a stamp alluding to the important date.


Currently, it is possible to learn more about the history of the brand, through a chronological journey at the Avianense Museum, located in the factory facilities in Durrães (Barcelos). The visit to the museum allows a perspective of the whole working process of the factory, passing through an auditorium, where a movie is projected to complete the Avianense narrative.